The Medical Physics Laboratory of Ioannina University was established in 1977 with the No. 641 Law Article 3 (Official Gazette 200 / 07.22.1977) «On the establishment and organization of the Medical School and University Medical Centers at the University of Patras, Ioannina and Thrace».  Originally founded as the chair of «Medical Physics, which comprises the teaching of all the medical relevant chapters of general physics namely physical chemistry, electrophysiology, electrotherapy, radiology, optics, acoustics, etc.»

By Ministerial Decision no. B1/377 (06/04/1983) the lab joined the Division of Clinical & Basic Morphological Sciences of Ioannina University Medical School in 1983.

Dimitris Glaros was appointed as the first Professor and Head of the Medical Physics Laboratory. He retired in August 2005 and died in November 2008. Today, Prof. Margaret Tzaphlidou serves as the Head of the Laboratory.