Research Activity

Faculty members and teaching-research assistants along with graduate students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers work on a wide range of health science topics:

  • Connective tissue study by electron microscopy and image analysis. Drug action and protein modeling.
  • Human body composition study by X-ray absorptiometry and whole body dose counter, Bone microstructure study by: image analysis, neutron activation analysis, microCT tomography, X-ray microfluorescence, Auger electron spectroscopy, Infrared spectroscopy
  • Theoretical study of the effects of protein inhibitors by molecular docking of small ligands
  • Dosimetry of ionizing radiation (radiotherapy dosimetry, thermoluminescent dosimetry, microdosimetry). Monte-Carlo simulation, interaction of charged particles with biological materials and nanostructures.
  • Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (effects of radiation on living matter, development and test of biochemical interaction models).
  • Study of normal and pathological human gait.
  • Medical Biotechnology (electronics in medicine, quality control of radiotherapy and x-ray machines and medical equipment in general).
  • Biomedical applications of nuclear magnetic resonance, with emphasis on in-vivo imaging and spectroscopy of the central nervous system
  • Modeling of the operation of the human brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging and EEG
  • Radiobiological study of innovative radiotherapy techniques (synchrotron micro X-rays, absorption edge interaction, etc.) along with healthy-tissue tolerance and therapeutic effect.